I am feeling seriously overwhelmed recently. Since I got my visa appointment date set, a whole slew of new things that I have to do has popped up. The stress is setting in once again. Since I’m working so much recently, I don’t have a lot of free time, and I don’t want to spend the little the free time I do have on anything that takes any type of thought. 

And my dad dropped my car insurance on me after paying for it for almost two years, so that’s a hefty sum of money I wasn’t expecting to shell out right before I leave. I don’t know why he chose now to expect me to be able to pay it, it’s not like I’m moving out of the country or anything. 

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to take care of a lot of email-sending/calling, so hopefully some of this anxiety will go away after that.

I’m still so, so, SO excited! 46 days!


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