The View From up Here


I’ve been in Greece a week now, and this past week has been one of the busiest of my entire life. I’m utterly exhausted, but Thess is already one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been, and to think I’ll be spending (more or less) nine months here absolutely blows my mind. This week I’ve met so many amazing people, and all my worries about not making any friends are completely out the window. I’m so excited to be spending this next semester with all of them. Today we went to Vergina and saw the old city of Thessaloniki, which would have been incredible, I’m sure, if I loved museums and hadn’t been so tired, but it was a good day nonetheless.

I start school tomorrow, something I’m not terribly excited about regardless of what country I’m in, but I’m excited to start my routine here. It feels like I’m on more of a vacation here right now because we’ve been going to the beach and taking trips and going out most nights, but I think I will start loving this city even more once I actually start “living” here.


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