Sure, you know how I FEEL, but what the heck am I doing here?

A few days ago I was feeling rather sentimental, as you saw in my previous blog post. However, I’m sure there are at least a few people just dying to know what I’m actually DOING here, rather than drinking like a maniac and staying out until five in the morning (Actually, I don’t do that. Okay, I did that once, maybe twice. Moving on…), so I’m going to try and catch everyone up on my goings-on the past few weeks.

I think the last time I wrote was shortly after I spent that wonderful, relaxing weekend in Corfu. The weekend after that, I chilled, smoked a cig and had a cold one with Zeus. No, really, I have the pictures to prove it.

He had just told a joke. You would've had to have been there to understand.

He had just told a joke. You would’ve had to have been there to understand.

Yes, I did hike a mountain. Hello, in-real-life-friends? Are you reading this? I HIKED A MOUNTAIN. It was not easy. I almost cried (more than once). I ALMOST didn’t go to the summit. Had it not been for our guide (the secretary at our school), I most definitely, 100% without a doubt would not have finished the hike. I did it though, by the grace of God (or should I say, the GODS?) I made it to the top, almost no harm done, and saw quite possibly one of the most amazing views of my life. Overall, would not do again (I contemplated never moving again) but would definitely recommend.

This past weekend I (read: my bank account) decided to stay in Thess, and I actually had a fantastic time. Saturday I went to the huge open-air market, did some shopping downtown, and FINALLY went to a hookah bar with one of my (favorite) fellow study abroaders and a few other students from my school. This might have been the time I mentioned earlier when I was talking about staying up until 5 a.m. Okay, it definitely was.

Caitlin and I made the brave switch to rolling tobacco. See: two coolest people on Earth.

Caitlin and I made the brave switch to rolling tobacco. See: two coolest people on Earth.

Other than that, my life has been relatively normal. I have been:

  • eating, obviously. My favorites? Either a crepe with tomatoes, bell peppers, chicken, feta spread and french fries (If there’s one things the Greeks have taught me it is that crepes are a lunch food) or a dikavalo, which is souvlaki wrapped in a tortilla. YUM.
  • reading. I just finished a fantastic book called House of Leaves. If you love reading, or just kind of like it, I recommend this book. Beautifully written and really, really fucking weird. Thank you Sam for forcing me to make that purchase. Right now I’m reading – brace yourselves – Politics: A Very Short Introduction. This book was recommended for my Politics 101 class, and although he isn’t requiring us to purchase the book or read all of it, I decided I would anyway, you know, just for funsies.
  • WATCHING DOCTOR WHO. I’m hopelessly obsessed. If you understand you understand and if you don’t you won’t until you do. Does that make sense?
  • Going to class. Sort-of. Sometimes.
  • Making a complete mockery of myself whilst trying to learn this blasted language.

Annnnnnd that about sums up my life at this current moment. Hopefully I’ll find the time in my INCREDIBLY busy schedule to keep this more frequently updated.

In the mean time, γεια σας!


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