Don’t tell me my city isn’t beautiful

I overheard a girl the other day say she thought Thessaloniki was ugly. I can only assume she had it in her mind that Thessaloniki looked like every stereotypical Greece picture. If that’s what you’re thinking when you come to Thessaloniki, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. This city has over a million people AND it’s in Europe. What else were you expecting besides lots of tall buildings right next to one another? Anyway, I’m incredibly biased, but I can find beauty in Thessaloniki anywhere. Here’s a sneak-peak, more to come when the weather is actually nice.


Timing and patience, my friends, timing and patience.


Doesn’t that just speak to you?



Of course, the city would be nothing without its graffiti.


Say you don’t like the city, say you aren’t happy here, but don’t tell me it isn’t beautiful.


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