Saturday Special: The gnocchi from HELL

I’m here, as promised, although I did seriously consider giving up and ordering delivery for a good while there. Today I made gnocchi in a cheese & spinach sauce. In total, this meal cost me around 2 euro. Not so bad. Here’s the final product:


more like gnocchi soup. that’s a thing right? totally what i was going for

Overall, I’m giving myself a 5/10 for this one. Would be 4, but I’m giving myself a point for not throwing in the towel halfway through. Also, I was going to have a side of broccoli and no spinach in the pasta, but my broccoli mysteriously disappeared somewhere in between the market and my house. Seriously. No idea where it went. In the end that worked out for the better (minus the fact that I did actually pay money for that broccoli) because I made WAY too much gnocchi. I ate maybe 1/3rd of it. I used two medium sized potatoes, and I thought I was fairly hungry, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach AND my hands this time. To be fair to myself, this was my first time making anything this complex. I undercooked the potatoes (what’s new? It feels like no matter how much time I cook the damn things they aren’t done), over salted the sauce (not the worst thing in the world, I’m okay with a decent amount of salt) and added too much of something in there so that it wouldn’t thicken. Maybe it was just my impatience and paranoia that the gnocchi would start sticking together again. I had a serious run-in with my flour, resulting in a near explosion in my kitchen.

barely got out of this one alive.

barely got out of this one alive.

The recipe noted that the dough would be “moist, but not sticky,” but that just would not happen for me. I ended up making gnocchi shaped pieces one-by-one to cook them, resulting in what must be the ugliest gnocchi anyone has ever made (please correct me if I’m wrong).

All in all, it didn’t taste awful. In fact, the gnocchi themselves taste like pretty much any gnocchi I’ve ever had. My only problem with the taste is the sauce. I mean, I guess that’s a big problem, but considering how much trouble I went through to even bring the gnocchi into existence, the fact that they taste like they should is pretty damn exciting.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Special: The gnocchi from HELL

  1. juliewold

    The sauce is always what makes the dish. That’s an easy fix, the fact that you made the gnocchi is awesome! That technique is something that many can’t seem to grasp and you made it!


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