Saturday Special: stuffed bell peppers

First off, I am EXTREMELY proud of this meal. I cooked for myself and a friend tonight, and I don’t THINK she was just being nice when she said it was good. I mean, I thought it was good. Obviously not a professional job, but way better than I was anticipating. The rice was supplied by my friend, but I’m going to estimate that this meal was less than 5 euro for the both of us. 


                                                                      dat burn


I’m going to go with 6.5/10 for this one. Much improvement from last week. Okay, yes, at first glance, I overcooked the peppers. I checked them ~15 minutes before they were done according to the directions and they looked PERFECT, but I didn’t feel like my cooking intuition was strong enough to support taking them out “early.” Other than the rice at the top and the edges, nothing else was burnt, so it was fine overall.  I meant to put feta in them but forgot. We added some feta after they were cooked and I know it would have made it that much better if I had remembered the feta in the beginning. I also think I’m going to add souvlaki during my next attempt. I figured trying to cook meat on top of making a meal for the first time would have been too much for me, but I think I can handle it now. 

As I said, they really weren’t bad. Considering all the mistakes were totally minor, I’m chalking this up as a success. 

Next week, I’m thinking fish. We’ll see. I say that to myself every week.


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