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Last week I skipped school and flew up to Amsterdam to see Caitlin for a few days. I was only there for three days, but I absolutely fell in love. I think it’s the one place I am really passionate about visiting again. I loved everything about it. Amsterdam is a BEAUTIFUL city. It’s also incredibly clean, which was a nice change from what I’m used to in Thessaloniki (not that I MIND having to look down while I walk, of course). There are also a TON of bikes. Seriously, bikes everywhere (the internet tells me bikes are 60% of transportation in the city. I believe it.)



Here’s a church, please note all the bikes


I was not exaggerating.

The first day we explored downtown. We ate lunch right by the canal and went to the Anne Frank museum. I did NOT bring the right shoes for three days of standing up/walking, but I could have walked through the city all day (you know, with periodic coffeeshop stops).



should I be smiling?


Speaking of coffeeshops, we found some cool ones. Here’s the first one we went to:


 My photos don’t do the city justice by ANY means, so trust me when I say it looks better in person.


Okay, this picture is more about the randomly leaning building than the beauty of the city. But really, what the heck?



Wednesday morning we set out to find the I Amsterdam sign. Unfortunately, we were less than a minute away on Tuesday but we didn’t notice, so we had to basically walk the same way we walked the day before.


And Wednesday night was, of course, the Drake concert. Absolutely, incredibly amazing does not even begin to cover it. The Weeknd opened for him and they sang Crew Love together, I absolutely could have DIED.


“I know there are smokers in the building… get your lighters up”



You see that tiny little silhouette? DRAKE.


This seems to be the recurring theme, but my pictures don’t do it justice. We were far away but it was still one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I mean, damn. I saw Drake in Amsterdam.

It was hard for me to leave on Thursday. It’s Sunday and I’m STILL wishing I were back there. No matter how many times I say it was amazing it won’t be enough.


Here’s me being a good college student representing the 38655. Hey Oxford, I see you.


2 thoughts on “AmsterDAMN

  1. titaniummike

    Come back in late spring / summer, and stay for a few days more. Not to see the touristic sights, but to enjoy Amsterdam culture and city life, restaurants, bars and city cannot be disappointed 🙂


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