Saturday Special: Third time’s a charm!

Before I talk about this meal, I want to talk for a second about the Greek outdoor markets. They are incredibly cheap and the food is so, so good. I went today and spent 18.40 euro and I bought almost enough food to last me all week (and a scarf). The only things I still need to buy are milk, diet coke and bell peppers. Awesome, right? 


Anyway, on to the good part. I spent about 2.5 euro for this meal. Here is the final product:


Giving myself an 8/10 here, guys! I’m really, really proud of this meal. I’ve made this meal three times now, and this is definitely the best attempt so far. After the DISASTER with the gnocchi, I have been on a mission to perfect my white sauce, and I think I did it tonight. I sautéed the tomatoes and spinach first and made the white sauce with the tomato sauce that was left over after cooking. My only complaint is that the first two times I made this I added bell peppers and I didn’t have any today. I’m not going to complain too much about that though because this is by far one of the best meals I’ve made. I enjoy making this because, except for the basic white sauce recipe, I made it up myself. I added feta to the sauce and added my own seasonings. It’s mine, you know? I can follow recipes all day (sort of) but I gain so much satisfaction out of making my own shit up. I am a proud lady. 

Sorry for not having any disaster stories, today is all rainbows and sunshine. Speaking of, it’s been sunny the last three days here. I suppose they finally heard me complaining about the weeks upon weeks of cloud cover. Thank you, Thessaloniki! 


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