Queen of the Kitchen

I love cooking. I by far prefer to cook my own meals than go out. Not to mention the pure satisfaction I get from winning the near battle I have every night in my kitchen to make one small meal. I have started limiting myself to eating out only two days per week, so I’ve been cooking a lot recently. Last night I made probably my favorite meal to date: Image


This rice is from the stuffed bell pepper recipe I made a few weeks back. I added soy sauce this time and I remembered the feta cheese. Everything was perfect about this meal. Honestly, no complaints. I’ve also started switching my nightly diet coke for a glass of green tea. I’ve been making a concentrated effort to eat really clean recently (another reason why I prefer cooking to eating out. gyros… I don’t even want to talk about them). I can definitely tell the difference from when I was eating out most nights.

This morning I made Cassey Ho from Blogilates’ recipe for banana pancakes. Super healthy (website says under 250 cals), although I quickly changed that by adding Merenda (Greek Nutella). No picture because they were DEFINITELY the ugliest pancakes ever made, although they did get better with each pancake. As always, I’m going for taste more than appearance. They were delicious, and that’s all I care about. 


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