Saturday Special: Soup of the Day (With a bonus breakfast success)

So, I’m on spring break right now. I still have two weeks to go and I am BORED. I think there are some people coming back from their trips next week, but I haven’t seen anyone in person since Wednesday. Rough stuff. It’s not all bad, though. I’m easily able to work out 6 days a week and spend hours on cooking my meals without worrying about what else I have to do that day. I’ve watched a LOT of TV (I’m on a Sister Wives kick right now) and played my ukulele nearly every day, so I am keeping busy enough. I also started a Giveit100 project for doing yoga. I have been doing yoga almost daily for a few weeks now anyway, but I thought it would be a good idea to take videos of my progress.  If you’ve never heard of this website before, go check it out. The videos are so motivational.


Today I made soup. Well, I tried to make soup. I used this recipe, but I added spinach, chicken and feta cheese. It turned out okay. It definitely would have been MUCH better pureed like the recipe called for, but I didn’t have the necessary equipment to do that. So, this is what I ended up with:



As you can see, the soup on the recipe page is creamy, as in “creamy tomato soup” and mine is brothy. You know, you win some and you lose some. I’m just happy to have had a break from the chicken-breast-plus-veggie-cooked-in-butter dinner I’ve had for the past week. There are only SO many ways you can cook a chicken breast. 

Speaking of that, I ventured away from chicken breasts today. My grocery budget is more than enough to feed me, but the most expensive thing I buy BY FAR is the chicken breast (4 euros worth lasts me 3 days, yeesh), so I tried to buy some different cuts to try and save money. I bought two whole chicken legs (with the feet and all, gross) today for 3 euro. They were overall cheaper than the chicken breasts, but I ended up using an entire leg today, so they were actually a little more expensive and twice the work. I also found a package of chicken wings at the market for 3 euro, and I do think that was a good buy. Still, the chicken breast is definitely the simplest way to go, and those aren’t really that much more expensive, so I might just have to deal with it. 

I normally don’t go to the grocery store, but I do have to go every once in a while to buy a few things. This is what I picked up today:ImageYep, butter, bacon and cream cheese. I AM ON A DIET, people. Keto is amazing.

That chocolate syrup (made with stevia!) came in handy for my breakfast this morning. I conquered the pancakes!


They were damn good, too. And it was beyond nice to have chocolate. I have had a mean sweet tooth all week long, so I’m really glad I was able to hold out until the weekend for these pancakes. I’m pretty sure they’re going to become my saturday morning breakfast staple, along with my other favorite breakfast item- fried eggs with chili powder. How acceptable would it be if I ate some form of egg for every meal? I would definitely do it if I could. I’m a little egg obsessed. I’m already looking forward to the bacon and eggs I’m going to have tomorrow for breakfast. 


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