Saturday Special: Keeping it Simple

I love to cook. Really, I do. But for the past three weeks, I have cooked every single one of my meals. Do you realize how many times that means I’ve washed the dishes? It’s a lot. And eating the same meals every day gets extremely tedious. Lucky me, I’m either not sure where to get a lot of the ingredients keto-ers swear by or they’re way out of my budget. The other day I paid 4 euro for a jar of unsweetened peanut butter. FOUR EURO. For PEANUT BUTTER. Anyway, today I decided to keep it simple with a salad. I found some Caesar dressing (1g carb per serving, what!!!), splurged on a steak and made a giant salad:Image

This meal was expensive- close to five euro. I’m not exactly thrilled about that, but it’s been so long since I’ve eaten a steak or really any sort of beef that it was completely necessary. The Caesar dressing wasn’t that great, but I wasn’t exactly expecting it to be just like what I am used to back home. I am so thankful for this wonderful change of pace. Surprisingly enough, with the amount of spinach I’m eating, I am hardly ever eating salads anymore. Ever since I discovered the holy combination that is spinach and cream cheese, I find it hard to make spinach any other way.

I have been trying to experiment with my meals a little bit more. I put those chicken wings I bought last Saturday to very good use with some olive oil and chili powder:



They might as well have been a blessing straight from heaven. Thank you for not being chicken breast. I also made this recipe for pizza a few nights ago: ImageI sautéed and seasoned a tomato instead of using pizza sauce. I also undercooked the crust a little bit. I tasted it before it was ready and I guess the piece I got was more done than the rest, so it wasn’t very crust-y at all, but it was still good. Surprisingly good for being made out of cauliflower. I still have some left and am planning on making some fake mashed potatoes at some point this week. I really enjoy how my limited food options make me work harder to cook different things. I’m also very excited for everything I’m going to be able to cook when I get back home.

Speaking of, this is technically the last week of spring break. Since I only have class two days a week and next Thursday is a holiday, I planned a personal day next Tuesday, meaning I’m actually out of school until May 6. Even with the extra week, my return to school is swiftly approaching. What’s worse, I only have EIGHT more days of class. Yes. Single digits. Eight more days and a week of finals and my study abroad experience is over for good. I have just under a month and a half, but considering that an entire second half of a semester is somehow being crammed into four weeks (we only took midterms right before break), I am going to be busy pretty much constantly, which means that the days are going to fly by. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. I feel like I have a routine here. I’m pretty comfortable here. I have an apartment of my own here. It’s going to be SO strange to go back to my “normal” life. Yes, I went home over break, but the whole time I knew I was coming back here. This time I don’t have that. I’ll be going back to my home university, I’ll be moving into a house, and who knows the next time I’ll leave the country? I know it’s a little soon to be thinking about all these things, but since everyone has been gone, I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything in general.

I see that my blog is focusing more and more on cooking. I’m completely okay with this. I only expect to cook even more when I go home, so I know I’ll always have something to blog about.

If you didn’t check it out last time, give my Giveit100 page a look. I’m pretty darn proud of how my practice is going.


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