Saturday Special: Those don’t look like cookies…

You win some, you lose some, guys. I’ve had baking fever since I made probably the most delicious muffins to ever exist a few weeks ago, so I tried my hand at cookies tonight. They taste awesome, but they don’t look awesome. That should be my mantra. If I ever cook for anyone else I’m going to have to blindfold them so they can’t see what their meal looks like.



These were supposed to be oatmeal craisin cookies. I tried to halve the recipe because I know that 90% whatever I make will eventually end up being eaten by me, and I didn’t want a ton of cookies in my room. My guess is that I made a mistake in measuring the wet ingredients. They taste great, but jesus are they ugly. I will need to try these again before I share them with the world. What would be the point in taking the time to learn to cook if I never made any mistakes? Perfection is no fun. I’m good with it.


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