Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals


As I said in a recent post, Sam and my move date is quickly coming upon us, and I am so excited for this change we are about to make. I am hoping it gives me the motivation I need to make (and reach) some health and fitness goals, as opposed to just hoping I don’t eat too much and exercising just to maintain the status quo. I have some things I’d like to do when I move in mind:



–          Gluten free: I tried Keto earlier this year for a month, and while that did a whole lot of bad for my general happiness and sanity, I have read too much about how bad gluten is for the body to want to continue including it in my diet. Right now, I have no real access to a kitchen and our grocery budget is limited, so this isn’t an option for me until I move. This will also be a struggle because Sam doesn’t have the same dietary concerns as me (nor does he need to) so he obviously will still be eating a lot of the things I won’t be.

–          I don’t want to stop drinking coffee altogether, but I would like to be free to not drink coffee without getting debilitating caffeine headaches.

–          The ultimate goal is to adopt a whole food diet, eating as few processed/packaged foods as possible. This means probably leaning toward making my own granola, bread, desserts, soups, etc… Basically, a lot of cooking/baking. I think this will help me gain control and confidence over what I am eating. Obviously, I won’t be able to take this so far as to say I would never eat out again, but more often than not I want to be preparing my own foods.


–          Complete a Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is holding an event on the Gulf Coast next March, just a week before my 22nd birthday. My plan is to start training as soon as I have access to my school gym. I’m still going to be working out regularly until then, of course, but after I get settled in Oxford I’m going to start using the training plan. This is nearly 7 months away, so I am afraid I may lose motivation for it as time passes, but I do plan to pay for registration ASAP so hopefully my financial investment will keep me interested.

–          Running in general. I don’t live in the best area right now and Sam and I both decided it wouldn’t be the best idea for me to go running around the neighborhood, so my workouts have been confined to the living room. I want to start running again after I move. The goal is to run at least 30 minutes at least 5 days a week, possibly less depending on how much time I spend on T.M. practice.

–          YOGA. As you know, I’m trying to get myself back into regular yoga practice. I do little things every day, but I want to be more consistent about it. I am also hoping to set up a more relaxing environment for my practice in my new home. Right now I’m surrounded by tote boxes and dressers in the living room. Not good.

Overall, with this move I hope to transition into a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I want to be active in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m just churning out necessary reps and rounds and eat in a way that nourishes my body without feeling like I’m restricting myself or punishing my body for looking or being a certain way. I really think having a specific goal in mind will help me focus less on what my body looks like and more on being in the best physical shape possible.


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