Today was my first real yoga session in a loooooong time. Like, since I got back from Greece. Wednesdays have been “yoga” days, but those either turned into catch-up workout or sleepy morning stretches. Tonight after I got off work I did Kino’s video of the Ashtanga Primary series. I am so glad I actually had the motivation to do it, because I typically don’t feel like doing any kind of serious movement after a full day of work. Tomorrow morning I’m doing two of Sean Vigue’s videos. I’ve never actually finished an entire one of his videos (because I’m a pansy and he goes super hard), but he’s so funny and, while I absolutely ADORE FitnessBlender, I feel like I need a change of pace. Wednesday will be yoga unless I decide to continue my evening Ashtanga practice. I would really like to continue my yoga practice separately from my normal workouts. If we’re not too busy at work tomorrow, I’m going to customize a Tough Mudder training plan (from their website) that doesn’t require a pull-up bar so I can start training now instead of waiting until I have access to my gym. The first level is only 40 minutes long, so I’ll have plenty of time to do that in the mornings before work. 

Speaking of work, this is the beginning of my second to last week! I love my job, really, I do, but I am so excited for the break I’m about to have. And, oddly enough, I’m super stoked to get back into the swing of college life. Studying abroad was nothing like real school, obviously, so it’s going to kind of be a fresh start for me this semester. And I am BEYOND excited about moving! We’re basically ready, minus packing a suitcase for the week we have to live at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. I have pretty much lived on my own for the past three years now, but moving into my own house is WAY different than living in a dorm or those tiny apartments we had in Greece. I day dream about decorating and cooking and the dog I am definitely, 100% going to adopt as soon as we are settled. Honestly, I’m just excited for my life in the very near future. I haven’t had the easiest summer emotionally, but things are looking up for me right now. 


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