Day 2: My Studio

My Day 2 was actually this past Saturday, but I’m just now finding the time to blog about it because my life is crazy busy. I went to the Ashtanga class at my local studio, Southern Star Yoga:


This is the ONLY studio in my city (another reason I can’t WAIT to get out of this town). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. They offer late night hot yoga which I go to literally every night I get the chance (usually this ends up being once a week) and an intermediate level class on Thursdays. But the Ashtanga class is, well, alright. I don’t really get any instruction and it’s a lead class, which means I have to follow the instructor rather than pace myself with my own breath. I also stop my primary series early and they obviously do not. I just find myself enjoying Ashtanga a lot more by myself in my house rather than at the studio. I understand the importance of an instructor, but I think I’m going to wait until I move to start going back to an Ashtanga class.

Since then, I had my very best best friend come for a visit and I started my NEW job at an awesome seafood restaurant downtown (no more 4 am nights delivering pizzas!), so free time was hard to come by. I’m going to hot yoga tonight FOR SURE, and I plan to keep up a daily practice for AT LEAST the next week since I took three full days off.

I’ve recently become obsessed with “yoga selfies,” because I think they’re a great way to measure progress and I’ve recruited my boyfriend to take all my pictures so I can take them outside, and, honestly, I think I look cool. This one (so far) is my favorite. I put it up on Reddit to see if anyone would take the time to draw me, and they did! SO cool.


                                                    I got drawn! Thanks to JP from r/RedditGetsDrawn

That’s all for now. I’m kind of a little bit in class right now.


5 thoughts on “Day 2: My Studio

  1. dtw1979

    When it comes to ashtanga, home self-practice or Mysore in a studio is definitely best (in my opinion). We have to let the practice be the teacher sometimes.

    1. Kris Post author

      I completely agree. I much prefer practicing at home, but I’m afraid I’m doing things wildly wrong (regarding alignment and whatnot) because I’ve never been in front of a teacher who could correct me.

      1. dtw1979

        I now like to think of the practice as the ‘teacher’. I do have a teacher, but does it even count when you only see him maybe once every year or two?

        In terms of worrying if you’re doing things ‘wrong’ – if you can step on the mat, do the best you can and breathe slowly, then you are doing a ‘good’ practice.

        Enjoy the practice and never push towards pain. I’ve seen practitioners who actually took pain killers to get through their normal routine – what’s the point?

        Remember: it’s only asana.

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