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Day 2: My Studio

My Day 2 was actually this past Saturday, but I’m just now finding the time to blog about it because my life is crazy busy. I went to the Ashtanga class at my local studio, Southern Star Yoga:


This is the ONLY studio in my city (another reason I can’t WAIT to get out of this town). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. They offer late night hot yoga which I go to literally every night I get the chance (usually this ends up being once a week) and an intermediate level class on Thursdays. But the Ashtanga class is, well, alright. I don’t really get any instruction and it’s a lead class, which means I have to follow the instructor rather than pace myself with my own breath. I also stop my primary series early and they obviously do not. I just find myself enjoying Ashtanga a lot more by myself in my house rather than at the studio. I understand the importance of an instructor, but I think I’m going to wait until I move to start going back to an Ashtanga class.

Since then, I had my very best best friend come for a visit and I started my NEW job at an awesome seafood restaurant downtown (no more 4 am nights delivering pizzas!), so free time was hard to come by. I’m going to hot yoga tonight FOR SURE, and I plan to keep up a daily practice for AT LEAST the next week since I took three full days off.

I’ve recently become obsessed with “yoga selfies,” because I think they’re a great way to measure progress and I’ve recruited my boyfriend to take all my pictures so I can take them outside, and, honestly, I think I look cool. This one (so far) is my favorite. I put it up on Reddit to see if anyone would take the time to draw me, and they did! SO cool.


                                                    I got drawn! Thanks to JP from r/RedditGetsDrawn

That’s all for now. I’m kind of a little bit in class right now.


Street Art

I absolutely LOVE street art. Thankfully (well, depending on who you ask), Thessaloniki has a LOT of graffiti. This isn’t always a good thing, as sometimes people run out of walls and take to using statues:


How fitting that PAOK is graffitied on this statue of Alexander the Great

But to me, the street art is what gives Thessaloniki so much of its charm. I’ve always had a soft spot for well-done graffiti. Here are some of the pieces I managed to remember to photograph:






 This last one is a commissioned piece in downtown Thessaloniki done by two traveling street artists. It’s probably one of the most popular murals in the city and definitely my favorite.

As a bonus, have some Amsterdam street art (expect a full Amsterdam blog post soon!). There wasn’t much graffiti in the city, but we did stumble upon a street full of it when we were exploring downtown.

amsterdam street art

I’ve been making a more concentrated effort to photograph my surroundings. I haven’t been doing much as far as traveling goes, but I’ve realized that there’s so much going on in Thessaloniki that I need to take the time to appreciate. I’m not about to waste my last three months here (cue major tears) by not taking in all it has to offer.

Don’t tell me my city isn’t beautiful

I overheard a girl the other day say she thought Thessaloniki was ugly. I can only assume she had it in her mind that Thessaloniki looked like every stereotypical Greece picture. If that’s what you’re thinking when you come to Thessaloniki, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. This city has over a million people AND it’s in Europe. What else were you expecting besides lots of tall buildings right next to one another? Anyway, I’m incredibly biased, but I can find beauty in Thessaloniki anywhere. Here’s a sneak-peak, more to come when the weather is actually nice.


Timing and patience, my friends, timing and patience.


Doesn’t that just speak to you?



Of course, the city would be nothing without its graffiti.


Say you don’t like the city, say you aren’t happy here, but don’t tell me it isn’t beautiful.