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Yoga Selfies and a Brand New Mat :)

Four days of yoga this past week, everyone! Proud of myself for getting on my mat/to class that many times in spite of my crazy busy week. I will be going to a hot class tonight, which will bring my total days to 10! 1/10th of the way there 🙂

Last week I bought a Manduka PRO mat and this Yogitoes mat from my studio last week and I am in LOVE. This mat is AWESOME and I am so glad I made this investment. I can definitely tell the difference from my last mat. I find myself pulling it out to practice at all random times of the day. I don’t think a $100 mat is at all necessary for a valid yoga practice, but I can certainly say that this mat has drastically improved my practice and my attitude towards my home practice.

Yesterday I took my new mat outside for some nature yoga with my yogi-photographer boyfriend. I love taking yoga photos outside, maybe a little too much. Anyway, I managed a pose I’ve been working on unsuccessfully for a few weeks now:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.11.46 PM

and I was kind of shocked at how easy it looked. This pose was (and is) extremely challenging for me, but for all you know from the picture I could have stayed in this position all day. This is, to me, a part of the beauty of asana: the ability to find stillness and grace in the face of challenges. However, it is also arguably a source of frustration in our practice, especially today with the ever-growing presence of yoga selfies.

I’ll be honest, my instagram is full of photos of various poses I’ve been working on. I love sharing my practice with other practitioners online. I love the IG yoga community and I don’t plan on removing myself from that any time soon. But how many times have you looked at someone’s “yoga selfie” on instagram, thought it looked easy and then attempted it only to find out you don’t have half the strength required to perform it? My guess is more than a few. I know it happens to me almost daily, because I am a sucker for #stopdropandyoga-ing any time I scroll past a pose I’ve never seen before. I honestly think joining the community has done me the most benefit, because now I know that the yoga has a way of making itself look easy regardless of how hard our bodies are working. Consistently taking photos of my own practice reminds me that behind every successful asana is practice, sometimes years of it.

"Practice and All is Coming" - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

“Practice and All is Coming” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois