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Saturday Special: Under the Sea

I did it! I finally tipped my toes into the world of seafood. I LOVE seafood. Living in Mississippi, catfish is basically a vital part of my life. Anyway, I’ve never cooked seafood before. I walk by the seafood every time I go to the market, but I’ve always been too nervous to buy any fish before today. Last night I looked up the Greek word for Salmon (σολομός) so I had NO excuses. I passed a few stalls with salmon before I gathered up the courage to walk up to one. Today was an expensive day at the market, since I bought fish and chicken. I was looking for a yoga mat (I’ve started doing yoga pretty consistently about four days a week! Fingers crossed that this stays a habit) but there was not one to be found (at least as far as I could tell). 

My meal tonight was about 5 euro. Not too bad. For some reason I’m still scared of the oven. I feel pretty confident cooking things on the stove but anything involving the oven freaks me out. I think it’s getting better as I just suck it up and do it. I think it’s just because I can’t actively see how cooked the food is. 



I used this recipe. I have a new favorite “filler” food that I put in almost everything: sautéed spinach and tomatoes. It’s so easy, quick and super delicious. A few nights this week I made a meal out of it by adding bell peppers,broccoli and soy sauce. The salmon I bought had bones in it, so it ended up being a bunch of small pieces of salmon pushed together to look like one larger piece (luckily those tomatoes on top hide my handiwork). No bones made it to the final product, though, and it wasn’t overcooked, so no harm done. I’m really happy with this first attempt at fish. Seriously, go me. Actually being able to see how my cooking has improved since I started making a concentrated effort to learn is so satisfying. 

In other news, happy spring! The weather in Thessaloniki is miles better than it was just a week ago. It’s absolutely beautiful. Here’s proof:Image


Unfortunately, I forgot that warm weather meant bugs. I left my balcony door open ONE night and I am covered in bites. I definitely did not miss this. Oh well, it is a trade I am willing to make for the absolutely perfect weather we have been having. Beach weather is nigh approaching, and I cannot wait.